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GPB Capital Holdings, LLC


On February 4, 2021, 3 principals of GPB Capital Holdings were indicted for securities fraud in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of New York (see indictment below). We have been representing investors since the fall of 2018 when interest payments in GPB Capital and GPB Private Placements were frozen. In March 2019, the SEC raided GPB’s office seeking information about possible securities violations.  New allegations have arisen that GPB may have operated a Ponzi scheme.   We do not know whether these allegations are true, we do know how to conduct ourselves in these situations.  We are currently working with agents and their investors in three recent cases, Woodbridge Group of Companies, 1 Global Capital & Future Income Payments, LLC to maximize the return of over 600 clients’ investments.   Accordingly, we have the knowledgebase to do the same thing with GPB.


For 30 years the Sarachek Law Firm has been on the forefront of major cases, such as Madoff, Stanford International Bank, and MF Global and have recovered money for thousands of creditors.


We are offering the following services in this matter:

  • Represent our clients in all aspects of pursuing recovery against GPB Capital and GPB Private Placements, including in the event they are forced into a proceeding such as bankruptcy or receivership.

  • Constant communication with agents and investors regarding the investment recovery process.

  • Provide access to alternative third-party funding options for investors to monetize their investments.

  • File lawsuits on behalf of our clients to maximize the recovery of their investments.

  • Assess the value of participating or opting out of class action lawsuits.


We are committed to fighting for the return of capital.  Unlike the other professionals in the case, we get paid when we recover money.   Please feel free to request our engagement letter for your review.  

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