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Wellington Sports Club

Wellington Sports Club claims to have found the secret sauce to beating Las Vegas Sports books using a propriety handicapping system that is very accurate in predicting the outcome of games. They have used this system to create a gambling fund, raising money from investors claiming they can exponentially grow their investment as they have generated greater than 600% compounded gross profit for each of the past two fiscal years.

In reality, the gambling fund is being run by a 74 year old ex felon who is known to investors under various names including: John Frank, John Marshall, Jonathan West, John F. Thomas III and John F. Rodgers. In the late 1980's this individual served 10 years for running a Ponzi scheme. There are a total of six gambling funds linked to this man which go under the names of: Einstein Sports Advisory, Quantum Sports Advisory, Vegas Basketball Club, Vegas Football Club, Sports Psychometrics and Wellington Sports Club.

Investors are now struggling to get their supposed winnings and in many cases their principal investment as well. If you purchased any investment from these gambling funds, The Sarachek Law Firm can help you recover your funds.

Please call us now for a free no charge evaluation of your case.

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